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How do I become a distributor?

In order to become a distributor you must be an established business in the driveline industry with the capacity to expand your operations into composite driveshafts. You must also have a W9. In order to qualify, apply today and we will work with you to get your business up and running quickly. This is a turn-key solution into the aftermarket performance driveshaft industry!

Why Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is lighter, stronger, stiffer, and safer than steel. In recent years the cost of steel has increased substantially and the industry has changed. Performance drivers can feel the difference between carbon fiber and steel and know the impact it has on the smoothness, speed and overall performance.

Why Composite Drivelines?

We have over 55 years of experience with carbon fiber, and over 25 years of research and testing tubing and driveline systems. Our products are superior and we want to work together to help your business thrive. When you partner with us, you not only get our patented products, and custom engineered components

We've only ever manufactured steel driveshafts, is that ok?

Absolutely! Our goal is to help businesses expand to offer composite, carbon fiber driveshafts to their customers.

Can you help us determine what we need in order to expand into composite driveshafts?

For sure! We want you to be successful so we offer engineering support as well as all of the equipment for assembly, and honestly everything you need to get started!

Do you sell directly to customers?

No. We are strictly business to business and intend to stay that way. Our entire aim is to set you up for success.

Why do you sell 2024-T861 aluminum flanges?
We conducted thorough materials analysis and determined 2024-T861 aluminum is superior to the material our competitors are currently using (6061, and 7075). Through our testing and research, we found that our flanges have a 60% increase in yield strength, a 43% increase in fatigue life, and a 21% increase in maximum service temperature. To shoot straight – we make the best tubes and want the best components (including flanges) so that every driveshaft you make is optimized for performance, speed, reliability and durability.  Click here to see the FEA image analysis
Why do you sell custom studs and not traditional bolts?

Specialized studs cut down on the overall height of the flange to the U-joint centerline. It also increases stiffness and lightens the aluminum component.

When you say expertly engineered, what does that mean?

We have a team of doctoral-level polymer engineers who live and breathe carbon fiber construction. We use a custom blend of proprietary resin to wind our fibers with specificity to achieve the exact balance of strength, rigidity and flex. Our tubes are tested continually to ensure they will be durable, reliable and optimized for performance.