we offer two types of tubing: standard and flex tuned

Use our calculators to make sure you get the right products for the job!


Standard tubing comes in .125 wall thickness or .155 wall thickness.

  • .125

    A great go-to solution that will cover a broad range of road conditions. It is optimized for normal tracks and road racing vehicles or 2-piece to 1-piece conversions.

  • .155

    Notable increase in strength and stiffness. This is an excellent choice for hellcats, GT500 Mustangs, CTS-Vs, CT5-V Blackwings, ZL1 Camaros, and applications exceeding 2500 HP.

flex tuned

When performance and longevity matter, flex-tuned is the way to go! We offer 3 different variations with flex-tuned tubing.

  • FLEX 1

    This is our stiffest tube with the least amount of flex angle. This makes it ideal for drift cars, burnout vehicles, or perfectly prepped tracks with very high levels of grip.

  • FLEX 2

    More flex angle than standard that has been designed and tuned for substandard street and dirt track conditions. This tubing can protect powertrains when operating under high torque loads.

  • FLEX 3

    This has the most flex angle and is tuned to handle dirt tracks, off-road racing, and poorly prepped low traction services. The increased flexibility gives tires more traction (without sacrificing speed).