We have the best in class components in both weight and strength, developed with a full driveshaft in mind!

Bond Yokes

Slip Yokes Kit


Bondable Steel Weld Sleeves

Bond Yokes

Aluminum slip yokes kit

Our slip yoke uses the largest diameter spline we could fit in a 3.00” carbon tube and a higher (32) tooth count to maximize strength and stiffness. The spline teeth are nylon coated to provide smooth plunging over the slip yoke’s life.

At Composite Drivelines, we distribute patented aluminum flanges for use on our driveline systems. Learn more about why we chose this here.

Specialized studs

Click here to learn more about why we sell specialized studs vs. traditional bolts. 

The bolt size for our CV joint adapter flanges and stud length have been standardized so you won’t have to trim bolts and studs that are too long ever again! We also removed the bolt clearance pockets required by our competitors, resulting in stronger components.

The ultimate versatility for carbon fiber applications. Accepts steel driveline components designed for 0.083″ steel tubing. The perfect solution for clearing your current steel component inventory or when bondable components for carbon fiber are not available. Available in all sizes to fit carbon fiber tubing ID.